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iPaqParts.com is the Complete Do-It-Yourself iPaq Parts Store.  There are NO Minimum Orders, NO Hassles, NO Delays.. just the iPaq parts you need, when you need them!   We ship iPaq Repair Parts all over the World, every single day. 

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Compaq h3100 Series iPaq Parts
(h3100, h3130, h3135, h3150)
Compaq h3600 Series iPaq Parts
(h3600, h3630, h3635, h3641, h3650, h3660, h3670)
Compaq h3700 Series iPaq Parts
(h3700, h3730, h3760, h3765)
Compaq h3800 Series iPaq Parts
(h3800, h3815, h3825, h3830, h3835, h3850, h3870, h3875)
Compaq h3900 Series iPaq Parts
(h3900, h3950, h3955, h3970)
Compaq/HP h5000 Series iPaq Parts
(h5000, h5150, h5450, h5550)
HP h1900 Series iPaq Parts
(h1900, h1910, h1915, h1920, h1930, h1937, h1940, h1945)
HP h2200 Series iPaq Parts
(h2200, h2210, h2215)
HP h4000 Series iPaq Parts
(h4000, h4150, h4155, h4350, h4355)
HP rz1700 Series iPaq Parts
(rz1700, rz1710, rz1715, rz1717)
HP rx3000 Series iPaq Parts
(rx3000, rx3100, rx3115, rx3400, rx3417, rx3700, rx3715)
HP h6300 Series iPaq Parts
(h6300, h6310, h6315, h6340)
HP hx4700 Series iPaq Parts
(hx4700, hx4705)
HP hx2000 Series iPaq Parts
(hx2110, hx2115, hx2410, hx2415, hx2750, hx2755)
HP hw6000 Series iPaq Parts
hw6500, hw6510, hw6515, hw6700, hw6900, hw6915)
HP rx1950 Series iPaq Parts
(rx1950, rx1955)
HP rx5700 rx5900 Series iPaq Parts
HP rx4200 rx4500 Series iPaq Parts
(rx4200, rx4500)
HP 210 Enterprise Series
(210-216 Series)
HP 110 Classic Series
(110-116 Series)
HP 310 Travel Series
(310-318 Series)

The process couldn't be easier.  Just select your family of iPaq from the table above and find the part you are looking for.  Some of the part descriptions indicate that full service repair is available.  If you are looking for the best iPaq Repair Center in the world, we operate iPaqRepair.com and PDASmart.com

iPaqParts.com has strong partnerships with both the Manufacturers and distributors of OEM and aftermarket iPaq parts.  Whether you need a replacement iPaq battery or an upgraded one, a lcd or touchscreen replacement or an entire mainboard, iPaqParts.com is the premier source.  Our staff of qualified technicians, just a phone call away, would be more than happy to discuss any questions you have before placing your repair parts order or give you any needed technical assistance while you are installing the part.  Some repairs on the iPaq are not meant for the timid or "faint of heart"..... if you are unsure about the difficulty of a repair, give the iPaqRepair.com guys a call to get a feeling for the technical proficiency needed for the job.

The process is simple, just select your model of iPaq from the links above or below and you will be forwarded to the appropriate parts page.   We add new parts as we receive them and try to pull the parts when there is no stock available.  If you've ever been inside your iPaq, you will note that certainly not everything inside the iPaq is listed on these pages.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call at (512)258-4500 or drop us an email at info@ipaqparts.com and we'll locate the part for you as quickly as possible.

International Customer?  No problem, we ship orders all over the world every single day.  Most orders placed by 4:00pm Central Time are shipped the same business day.   We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Western Union Bidpay and check.

News:  Although the PDASmart Team (www.ipaqparts.com, www.ipaqrepair.com, www.pdasmart.com) is the largest supplier of iPaq spare parts and iPaq repairs other than HP/Compaq, the PDASmart iPod Repair center has experienced tremendous growth over the last few months.  We have increased our iPod Repair technician staffing and have added a new customer service representative.  In addition to performing ipod repairs for end users with iPod failures that aren't covered by the Apple iPod warranty, the PDASmart iPod Repair Center performs iPod repairs and spare iPod parts for many consumers and commercial resellers.

News:    Looking for an iPaq part that is not displayed on this site?  Looking for repair parts for the Axim repair, ipod repair, Smartphone Repair - - - head on over to http://www.PDASmart.com.   PDASmart.com operates a full service repair center for most models of PocketPC handhelds as well as being the Apple iPod non-warranty repair headquarters in the US.  Whether you need a new battery, lcd screen or any other pda parts - check out the PDASmart site and contact them if you can't find it there.

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